Girls Have a Dream School

Was a Dream by Nalule Esther to transform the lives of under previllaged girls through vocational training to provide them with practical business skills that they can use to start personal businesses and sustain them selves .

It all started by identifying the needy girls especially orphans and drop outs and organizing a workshop for them . The workshop was intended to inspire the girls to identify and develop their personal dreams . It was a good learning experience as girls shared with others their  personal dreams , the challenges they go through in achieving them and possible solution that could be undertaken for them to achieve their dreams .

It is from the solutions that were given by the girls that a school was set up to give an opportunity to the disadvantaged with no hope of further education to achieve their dreams .


4  years  ago when we started the school ,girls who dropped out of school and those who had never been to school in our community did not  know  that they would ever get a chance of pursuing careers of their choice . The had lost hope and their only option was to get married to be facilitated by their husbands .

Today girls are receiving training that will forever transform their lives and their families . They are receiving training in ;

  • tailoring
  • knitting
  • hairdressing
  • catering and
  • computer